Benefits of taking up nursing as a profession

Nursing is noble profession and they are considered as front line warriors in the case of any medical emergency. They are the only health care professionals who come in directly contact with patients. So if you are thinking to choose this profession then you must go for it. Nurse Dubai has become popular profession. If you further want to know about the benefits of choosing nursing as career in Dubai then you can read here in this article. 

Strict rules for patients:

In Dubai, there are strict rules for patients and for their relatives so they can not tease any health care professional. They will have to respect all healthcare professional including nurses, physicians and pharmacist and they have to follow rules and regulations. So it makes life of all health care professionals easier. 

High wages:

Nurses get high salary in Dubai although their salary also depends on their experience, qualifications and skills. But salary for newbie professionals is also high. 

Tax free income:

The biggest advantage for nurses is that they will have to pay taxes from their salary to their state. It is rule in all countries that all persons have to pay taxes to their state but in Dubai nurses are exempted from taxes. 

Free housing allowance:

If you are moving to Dubai regarding job purpose then you will be happy to know that some of the hospitals also offer free housing allowance for nurses. And shopping facilities and travelling facilities all are arranged by hospitals for nurses. And these resident places are near to hospitals where all healthcare professionals stay.

Travelling and vacationing:

The days of vacations depend on the number of employment days that you have spent in Dubai. And usually human resource department specifies the number of days for vacations. And you will also get paid leave for specific period of time and some hospitals also offer travelling allowance. 


There is always room for hardworking professionals so if the nurses will do work hard then they will promote to senior levels. Their promotions also depend on their experience and education level. 


It is the pay that they will get after the end of their services. The amount of gratuity will depend on the number of working years. Either you are permanent or contract based employee it will be mandatory that you will get gratuity. 

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