What is bullet proof glass?

Bullet proof glass is a kind of transparent glass which is mainly used for security purposes. It is made in such a way that it is kept as clear and transparent as possible, on the other hand, as strong and flexible as possible. It is made in combination of two types of glasses, one glass is hard and one of relatively soft. Hence if something tries to penetrate the glass, the glass holds it back instead of shattering into a million pieces and letting the object pass through. Different types of glasses have different thickness according to their uses and the material they are made of. It is commonly bought by jewelry shops and jewelry companies, companies that make security vehicles and construction workers who put bullet proof glass in the windows.

Bullet proof glass, although very strong and resistant to damage when compared with normal glass, but it still has its imperfections. It can provide protection against many bullets but not all of them. Long term exposure to high temperature or pressure can cause damage to it.

Bullet Resistant Glass:

In comparison with the bullet proof glass, bullet resistant glass is somewhat different. In this type of glass, you can set the level of security you want. Bullet resistant glass is made of several layers of glass sheets. In order to reduce the weight of the glass, polycarbonate is added around the layers, hence forming laminated glass. It provides more protection and greater resistance against the bullets and ammunition as compared to bullet proof glass. Bullet resistant glass manufacturers ensure the good quality of glass in order to provide their customers with the feeling of relief and satisfaction.

Where are these kinds of glass usually used?

  • They are used in military vehicles and vehicles which are used by government officials.
  • They are used in jewelry shops in order to provide the expensive and rare jewelry from being stolen away.
  • They are used in many office buildings, in the windows and around cabins of important officers.
  • They are used around the stages where important people from the government or any other party give speeches.
  • This kind of glass protection is also often used in museums around the objects which are rare and important. This way, they are kept in protection from unsafe hands.
  • Rarely, it is used in homes, typically in homes of VIPs.
  • Some police stations have also installed these glass for better security.