Feeling the essence of a majestic attar

When the extracts of fascinating flowers, wood, resins, spices and other botanical sources go through steam with the traditional deg and bhapka, fragrances in the form of base oil are produced known as Attar perfumes.

Attar is an essential oil with the scented essence of the plant it is extracted from. Attar takes a time span of 10-12 years to be the final product producing the aromatic and mesmerizing smell it is known for. The secret behind such a unique fragrance is to age the compound after refining it in a wood base, such as sandalwood.

Seasonal preferences are famous in Attars like people prefer warm attars, those made from saffron, musk, and amber as they tend to increase body temperature in winters. Similarly, cold attars such as rose, jasmine, kewda, or khus can give a refreshing and cool feeling during summers.

KSA and UAE are the top-notch attar producers, manufacturing the best attar in Dubai and supplying throughout the world. Their best known attars for men are with full-bodied notes of spices, wood, and oud having a strong fragrance and leaving a long lasting impact.

Attars are recently being used in natural or organic personal care and hygiene products for a unique fragrance and aroma such as in shampoos, soaps and hand sanitizers in Dubai.

Benefits of wearing Attars

Aroma therapy

Aromatherapy is known to heal problems through aroma. Physical conditions like burns and infections, and mental conditions including depression or insomnia are known to be treated through aromatherapy.

Attar with its sweet oil scent, freshens the breath of the wearer as well as the surrounding. These relaxation benefits are due to the natural ingredients like flowers, spices, wood, etc.

Good for headaches

The natural ingredients especially some of the exotic essential oils used in attars are soothing for the mind and relieve ailments like headaches, depression, and stress.

Enhances mood

Different perfumes and scents when travel through your brain, reduce cortisol levels responsible for mental issues like stress. Different fragrances have different impacts on a person’s mood. Wearing your favorite attar will enhance your mood and set the tone for the day.

Boost confidence

When you smell good you feel good. That’s exactly the manifestation with wearing attar.  Aromas from attars create serene effects on the brain and overall mood, eventually affecting the way you carry around your confidence. Wearing the scent you love and feel comfortable with, is enough to generate a sense of self-confidence.