Disadvantages of ceiling lights

No doubt that technology is changing on daily basis you can see many inventions that are just making life easy for the humans which is very good things, like lights are the best invention in the world because it looks beautiful when the light are switched and you can see everything clear and it feels like heaven and it changes your mood. But not every time some time you get annoyed with the things like sometime we get annoyed the so much using of cell phones, so here is a limit for everything. We know about the advantages of lights that it lighten the house and it changes the mood and it makes everything clear and looks you better but to buy ceiling light in Dubai is much expensive. Crystal chandeliers in Dubai are the most costly lights. Well we have several disadvantages of lights as following below.

Installation is difficult. 

As we know that there is much benefits of lighting but the main disadvantage of lighting is difficult installation specially if you have ceiling at home. You have to make extra wiring connection inside the empty place of ceiling these connection can be harmful sometime for your home because sometime it the cause of short circuit. But installation of lights takes too much time when you have ceiling. For example you have to cut a hole in the ceiling and the cut have become large so how would you fill this hole and it would look weird in your room and can damage the beautiful look of your house.

Not suitable for Portability

These lights are also not portable and you can not take these lights for your new home. Because of this disadvantage sometime you have to face difficulty to lighten your house.

insulation of recessed lights

Insulation around the lights sometime can require the insulation contractor and your cost could be increased. And without insulation heat of the lights can move to the fixtures and can affect the efficiency of the lights and can lower the energy.

And sometime these lights need a clearance from the insulation. One solution that could fix it that use insulated ceiling air tight lights for your room which are specially designed to overcome the insulation problem.

Problem of moisture

One more problem that sometime there is a problem of moisture, for example you install