2019 Cleaning Resolutions You Should Make

2018 has passed and a lot of people are still struggling about how they are going to clean and maintain their work and living spaces. Although cleaning can be a challenge, some of us need a little push to be motivated to clean.

If you are looking forward to a cleaner and more organise 2019, here are some tips that you can use to start your own decluttering project:

  • Hire a professional

As much as it pains us to spend money on a part time housemaid in Abu Dhabi, there are instances when their expertise is necessary. For one, if you have a demanding schedule and barely have time to clean, you definitely need someone to help you clean and organise your space. You may think it is just an additional expenditure but you will realize in the long run how this set up can help you. For one, you are able to have an extra time to focus on your loved ones and other stuff.

  • Delegate cleaning assignments

If getting house cleaning services Abu Dhabi is not an option, you might consider delegating some cleaning tasks to other family members. Remember that cleanliness is not a job of an individual person but of the whole family. Just provide them with clear instructions and set a timetable so you can monitor their tasks.

  • Organise your belongings


At times, the cause of clutter is unorganise items and stuff.  It can make life tedious and stressful. To lessen the stress brought by this predicament, make an effort to organise you stuff diligently. Investing on storage materials can help you sort out things that are for storage and for disposal.


  • Discard items you don’t need


Face it. Some of us like to hold on to things that we love, whether it is an old shirt from your childhood or a broken china that was given to you as a gift. But the truth is, these items can cramped your space and keep your living area crowded. Learn how to let go of old stuff and dispose of things that you are not using.


  • Live a minimalist life


Shopping is definitely fun to do, but at the end of the day, you realize that you are buying things that you don’t really need. Try to practice a minimalistic lifestyle and you will see that your space will be easier to clean and manage. As they say, “Less is always more.”