Portland Meet Portland’s programs work to accomplish four key things in concert with immigrants and refugees: enhance immigrant and refugee VOICES, enhance their AGENCY and access to power in society, ADVOCACY through developing strong allies speaking in concert with them, and ACCOMPANIMENT through community members supporting immigrants and refugees in walking their own journey.

We use creative arts, storytelling, media, community organizing, and civic engagement to create experiential opportunities for cross-cultural friendship, mentorship, and dialogue. Through these we cultivate trust, collaboration, and celebration to create equity and justice and desegregate Portland for new cross-cultural community.  

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Our program areas and programs are:

  1. Civic Empowerment

    • Citizenship and Civic Fluency

  2. Youth Leadership Development

    • Pass the Mic

    • Lived Citizenship

  3. Raising Diaspora Voices

    • Stories from the Diaspora

  4. Community Building and Organizing

    • Community Dialogues

    • Possible Portland