Our Mission

Portland Meet Portland welcomes and befriends immigrants and refugees, engaging diverse cultures. We enrich the broader community through mutually beneficial mentoring opportunities and dialogue that promotes cross-cultural learning, enhances professional development, and builds trust.



  • Humanity
  • Cherish and Respect Differences
  • Being a Good Neighbor
  • Trust
  • Community
  • Friendship
  • Peacemaking

About Us


Portland Meet Portland is a non-profit 501c3 that was started in 2014 by Susi Steinmann and Kay Reid to highlight the beautiful assets that diverse immigrants and refugees bring to their new homes here in Oregon.  They also wanted to offer the area’s longer-term residents an opportunity to learn from these newcomers - their stories, resilience and unique cultures – right in the fair city of Portland.  Portland Meet Portland offers opportunities for cultural learning and exchange, a Peace Corps-like experience in your backyard!

 Kay and Susi have worked extensively with culturally distinct newcomer communities in the Portland metro area and are deeply connected in friendship and as neighbors with many immigrants and refugees. They have witnessed first hand the real challenges of arriving to a new place, and yet, continue to be awed by the resilience, drive and unique cultural and entrepreneurial gifts that each wave of newcomers brings to Portland. Portland Meet Portland was born out of the desire to support and make visible to greater Portland these assets they found in their daily work and lives.

 And yet they remain hidden, even though The Portland landscape is quickly becoming more diverse with 1 in 4 residents in Multnomah County foreign born. So, Kay and Susi wondered why many of Portland’s longer-term residents still uphold its reputation as being so “white.”  Part of the answer is that urban renewal, land-use development and growing demand for housing has produced a greater geographic divide and physical distance between different professional groups and social communities.  Kay and Susi created Portland Meet Portland to provide opportunities to re-connect our families and communities across cultural lines, residences and commuting patterns. They decided to build these opportunities through one to one mentoring matches that foster shared learning, inclusion and hope for a vibrant multicultural future.