Intercultural Responsiveness and DEI Training  

Portland Meet Portland collaborates with Community-Based, Governmental, Educational, and Private Institutions to help them better understand and walk with their immigrant and refugee counterparts. We tailor each of our trainings and workshops to meet the unique needs of of our clients.

Our approach is dialectic and rooted in a combination of reflective/emotional, conceptual/informational, experiential, and skill-building methods. We seek to both meet people where they are at and collaborate with them towards embracing challenging material and having difficult conversations. Long-term engagement helps us do work together that builds an iterative process with an eye for follow-up and implementation. 

Intercultural Training Services

  • Informational awareness sessions about immigrant and refugee experiences

  • Intercultural responsiveness, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, and communication workshops

  • Cross-cultural team building and management in multi-cultural workplaces

  • Consultation on culturally inclusive program and service design, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation

Cross-Cultural and Intra-Community Dialogue  

We custom design and facilitate public and intimate community dialogues on a wide variety of cross-cultural issues both between different cultural communities and within specific cultural communities. Portland Meet Portland helps people explore their identities, their questions, their worries, their hopes, and their voices and agency in order to forge new futures for people and the places they live. 

Facilitated Dialogue Services

  • Dialogue process design and facilitation

  • Public conversations

  • Community specific dialogue

Intercultural Elicitive Conflict Transformation

.Conflict is a natural part of being human. Like our nervous system, conflict signals to us that something needs to be addressed. It presents us with opportunities for mutual understanding that brings us back into right relationship with one another. Without conflict we don't grow. When at our best, we don't simply resolve conflict but use it to transform our perceptions of one another that deepens our connections and points to ways forward, together, that may not have previously been open to us. 

Culture, and the expectations it engenders, are often at the heart of our on-going tensions. Portland Meet Portland use different conflict transformation and peace building approaches to help people increase their understanding and empathy and create mutually beneficial outcomes across cultural differences. 

Conflict Transformation Services

  • Mediation

  • Restorative Justice (Victim-Offender Dialogue and Circle Process)

  • Reconciliation

  • Non-violent Communication

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