Portland Meet Portland welcomes and befriends immigrants and refugees, enriching community by creating mutually beneficial mentoring opportunities and dialogue that promote cross-cultural learning, enhance work skills and build trust.

Portland Meet Portland Partners with Portland Art Museum in the Common Ground exhibit

We are so proud to partner with Portland Art Museum on several of the programs and events related to the Common Ground exhibition as well as a community gallery space at the Museum. The Common Ground exhibit is a display of the photography by Fazal Sheikh. 

Human rights and dignity form the core of Fazal Sheikh’s photographs. For more than 25 years, he has worked with individuals rendered invisible by war, ethnic and religious strife, climate crises, and social banishment, inviting them to share their stories of unimaginable hardship and perseverance. Featuring works from eight of his series, Common Ground demonstrates Sheikh’s sustained attention to the displaced around the world, and his drive to amplify the voices of the marginalized through his documentary-based photographic practice. 

 Portland Meet Portland weaves mentorship opportunities into targeted services with immigrant and refugee newcomers. 


1-1 Professional Development and Mentoring

Immigrants and refugees who come to Portland often face major obstacles in developing their careers here in the United States. Portland Meet Portland helps support their transition into a new professional life through mentoring and network building. But mentorship is not a one way street. Immigrants and refugees also offer mentorship and skill building for personal and professional development to their mentor matches. 


Citizenship and ESL Education

Portland Meet Portland (PMP) recognizes the wide range of educational, work, and creative life skills that refugees and immigrants bring with them to their new homes in the United States. We understand that becoming a citizen and learning English are essential to newcomers’ confidence building and success in school, work and community.  We offer custom tailored and flexible ESL and citizenship education classes. 


Lived Citizenship

Youth Leadership Development and Lived Citizenship

The children of immigrants and refugees have a unique adjustment experience living between the cultural traditions of their parents and the existing social context of their new “American” friends. PMP facilitates positive youth development - both for immigrants and refugees and for ‘mainstream’ youth through cross-cultural learning, exploring the meaning of citizenship, service, leadership and volunteer opportunities. 


Cross Cultural Training and Dialogue Facilitation

Portland Meet Portland (PMP) contracts with public agencies, private businesses, schools, community associations, and nonprofits interested in cross-cultural training workshops and dialogue facilitation concerning immigrant/refugee communities, cultures, and conflict. Our vision is to facilitate intercultural communication, improve cultural competency and build bridges of understanding in our local community.

If these services interest you and you'd like to get involved, become a mentor! Learn more here.